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New Contests Are About to Take Place

Started by Admin 2020-03-12 at 01:01
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Hello GptHubbers,

I am just stopping by to see how are you all doing and wanted to say about a new Portuguese scammer who is opening many types of websites lately and spams the legit forums with his posts. Do NOT register on his websites as he is just wanting to get your money and close his business as fast as he opened it.

I am also here to say I plan to resume the Bonus ads contests, in all 4 sites of mine. So stay tuned! If someone want to talk to me directly, please open a support ticket and do not use the forum.

More news will be published pretty soon. There was not much info lately as I was working on my 1st shortening website and it is now ready and working: is a new generation script and my plan is to use it on other domains as well. This way I will remove the annoying Shorteners that work with many popups, some even put porn which is strictly prohibited. With my group of shorts plus a few more legit ones I will replace all the bad ones.

All the best,

Nikolay Kosturkov
/Cliquebook Media CEO/
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