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Bitcoin Payments are on HOLD
Published on 15-05-2020

Dear Members, 


You might have noticed that I am not sending Bitcoin payments last 5-6 days. The reason behind that are the extremely high fees during the Bitcoin Halving Event. I am checking every day, I am willing to process the payments but the fee is preventing me from that. Let me say that in order to send 2$ payment, I need to pay a fee between 1.20$ - 3.60$ during the last days. As you can see it is even higher than the NET amount I have to send. 


I hope you understand the situation correctly. Be patient, the moment the fee drops down, I will process all the Coin payments. I am also keeping this option open because people should have it as a payment option, especially the ones who invested with it. 


For any questions, concerns or whatever, you may open a SUPPORT TICKET. I will be happy to answer. 


With Best Regards, 


Nikolay Kosturkov

/ Clique Media CEO/

New Offerwall - BITSWALL
Published on 27-02-2020

I have added a new Offerwall, called Bitswall, today. It has PTC ads to click and videos to watch, enjoy them. As always, for every amount earned with the Offerwalls, you also earn cash-out points, that unlock your payments. For more information about the cash-out points, you may read our Frequently Asked Questions page.

For the publishers who want to join the new Offerwall, here is my referral link:

As you know PTCWALL has closed and Minutestaff is experiencing problems with their SSL certificate and you may NOT use their services at the moment. It is why, BITSWALL will find its nice place among the cool Offerwalls, here in Cliquebook. 

Published on 05-02-2020

Dear Members, 

This is not something new but some of you did not know about it. It is super important for all the UNICLIQUE.INFO members! Please make sure that you access the site with the UNICLIQUE.INFO domain because the older domain UNICLIQUE.NET has EXPIRED! Some of you are still trying to access the site with the old domain and they receive an error page. 



Data Center Failure
Published on 04-11-2019

Network issue at the data center

Dear members,

Today a network issue at the datacenter happened to make the servers and many PTC sites unreachable.

The issue is now solved and the advertisement clicking for today will not be required. This requirement will be enabled again tomorrow evening.


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