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Lootably offerwall added
Published on 28-06-2021

Dear members,

I've added an extra offerwall for you to enjoy, lets welcome Lootably!

It is packed with surveys, video's and quizzes for you to enjoy!

Skrill Removed
Published on 14-06-2021

Dear members,

Today our Skrill account was limited and investigated, meaning all sorts of documents had to be sent.
Since it becomes harder and harder to support these processors, we've decided to remove them in the future.
Further, we've noticed lately Skrill adopted some strange rules regarding receiving or sending outside of the EU, Canada, USA, and Australia getting impossible.
This means a large part of our members can't use these processors anymore, therefor Skrill will be phased out in the way above as it is very expensive to have and not much used anymore.

This is how the removal will look like:

- If you have deposited with Skrill only, you are can keep withdrawing to Skrill. But it will be no longer possible to fund your account with Skrill.
- If you have only deposited with Skrill but wish to use another processor to fund/cash-out, open up a support ticket.

BTC Fee Increased to 2.50$
Published on 23-04-2021

Please pay attention that due to the extremely high fees when sending BTC, I have increased the BTC FEE to 2.50$. Make sure that you have this in mind before cashing out. As soon as the blockchain network lowers the fee, I will lower it too. 



30 Mins Downtime Today
Published on 16-04-2021

Dear Members, 

The server will be off today for 30 minutes. During this time, the site will be not accessible. The maintenance starts at 21:00h UTC + 2


I will disable the clicks requirements for today so you won't lose any RR earnings tomorrow as of this maintenance. 



DOS ATTACK, Websites Downtime
Published on 14-04-2021

Dear Members, 

We experience a huge DOS attack on the server and the sites are being offline most of the time. I want to inform you that it will be everything alright, you just need to be calm and please do not open support tickets asking about the problem. Nothing is lost, nothing is stolen, there is no need to panic as well. 

We will soon bring all the sites online again. 

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